Our History

North and South Global Courier was created by Savitri Jindal in 2011 as N&S Traders Courier, to facilitate and expand the current business system links between the Northern countries and the Southern countries by assisting in the delivery of trade products.

By 2014, N & S Traders Courier had gotten to USA as a delivery service for business men. Our business policies have made us favorable amongst our clients and we have done our best to not let them down. By 2019, we could delivery round the globe and with some changes in our business structure we rebranded to N & S Global Courier.

We are North and South Global Courier, we pickup, we transport and we deliver everywhere every time. Stay with us.

Core Values

Efficient Delivery

One of the most important things we value is being efficient with our deliveries. Because so many people are used to immediate gratification, we know our customers will want their products as soon as possible. 

We will be able to pick up your parcels almost immediately. The record of doing our deliveries earlier than scheduled, has given our company a good reputation.

If you are looking for a courier service with efficient deliveries, you should know we offers both same-day delivery and overnight parcel delivery.

Reliability & Integrity

Next, we ensure that we are reliable. When you have to deliver something to your client or friend or family member, we make sure your items get to your requested receiver and trust is built and that is how we work. Being a reliable courier service gives Our clients the confidence that their packages will be well taken care of and safely delivered to the right location on time and in perfect conditions.

Similarly, we make sure that our courier service is transparent and upfront with our terms and conditions. We make sure there are no hidden fees in our contract and be that we will take responsibility for lost or damaged packages.


Having a courier service that is flexible is what our clients want and we have no issues being that courier service. While most courier services will transport small parcels and boxes, we can transport both large, small, volatile and fragile items that you need for us to transport.

For example, Mobile One Courier & Logistics delivers mission-critical equipment and parts, lab equipment and supplies, and other vital documents.

No matter what you need to be delivered, you can feel confident that our team will deliver it safely.

Great Customer Service

Another one of our Core Values is our great customer service. While most courier services will provide you with the same quality of delivery, we are willing to go extra miles for your satisfaction.

Our live chat and support mail are ready to assist our million of users with everything they need in our capacity. Replying as soon as we have a solution or answers is our strong hand in keeping our clients with us. 

Reasonable Pricing

Our prices are quite reasonable and incase they seem to be expensive we are ready to give our clients a proper explanation of why the prices could not be lower than that to aid with their understanding.

We are transparent in our pricing with no hidden prices or unexplained costs. Certain conditions may lead to an increase in prices but our basic prices are based on the following:

  • Item Type

The type of item determines the cost, technical, volatile and fragile items natural cost more. Animals and other living organisms also cost differently.

  • Item Weight and Size

The size and the weight of you shipment would gravely affect the cost of its delivery.

  • Delivery Location

Delivering to certain locations such as remote or international would cause drastic changes to the delivery costs.

  • Shipment Type

We offer three types of shipments: Basic, Discreet and Urgent.

  • Special Commands
  • Government Policies


Protection and Security Protocols

This Agency offers protection and security protocols to protect the belongings of our clients in the event of an accident.

One way we can do this is by having high standards when we are recruiting new messengers. This way, we can be confident that the people making your deliveries are trustworthy.

Also important to know that our company that is fully insured. N&S Global Courier services has general liability, cargo, auto, and bonded insurance.


We are available, despite not having many offices, we are available and reachable every time we are needed. Being a courier service that is convenient for our clients and their customers is one of our core values and lessens their stress and will make their deliveries even more seamless.


We have invested much much courier service technologies. Being a courier services that utilize technology and other tools make it much more convenient to deliver your packages. This makes it simple to see exactly where your packages are and when they will get delivered.

We offer on require electronic signatures for delivery, picture verifications for packages, and even email notifications when your packages are delivered. This technology protects your packages and makes it easier to keep an eye on your deliveries.

Savitri Jindal
CEO / Founder

Indian Politician and Entrepreneur.

Scott England

Harvard Marketing Professor and British Investor .

Ashmir Traj
Public Relations

Indian Specialist in Public Relations.

Uniice Karl
Lead Customer Support

American Linguistic .